Why are the top reasons for purchasing Moissanite rings?

Do you have plans to gift your wife with a beautiful ring on the wedding anniversary but you don’t have sufficient funds to purchase a diamond? Surprising your wife with a ring is a life-changing moment but you may find it difficult to make the right purchase. Though it’s a wrong assumption that a diamond is the only stone that compliments perfectly with wedding engagements, Moissanite is an excellent alternative of a diamond. In simple terms, a diamond is not only the option that you have! Forever One Moissanite is one of the best engagement rings and is preferred by many because of the incredible benefits. Wondering what benefits does Moissanite rings offer? Read this article to know more!

Reasons why Moissanite is the best choice:

Moissanite is a lab-grown gem and is ethically produced. Appearance wise, it is similar to diamonds and it is very difficult to differentiate between the two especially if you are not a jeweler specialist. Earlier, people use to consider diamond rings as the only symbol of tradition and status. But now people have shifted their focus to Moissanite because of the incredible advantages and benefits over diamonds.  Below discussed are the incredible benefits of Moissanite.

It is cost-effective and will save a lot of money

One of the best advantages of Moissanite is that it is less-expensive and a cost effective option. A diamond is costly and is not an affordable option for many. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t surprise your better half with something precious. In general, an average person will usually spend around $6000 while purchasing engagement rings. There’s a notion that a diamond is the symbol of love and it is a must have in a woman’s hand. However, there’s good news for those fiancés who have budget constraints.

Moissanite rings are cheaper alternatives and they look identical to diamonds. One carat of diamond is equal to $5000, whereas a Moissanite ring of the same carat weight is as low as $1000. A wedding is a big investment that includes a lot of expenses- food, decorations, and honeymoon. By choosing a Moissanite ring, they can save a lot of money for the other expenses that is it to be made.

It has more brilliance than diamond-

It is not only the price factor that makes Moissanite a brilliant alternative of a diamond. Besides the price benefit, Moissanite has a greater brilliance than diamonds. It shines brighter than that of diamond. Now the question is what is brilliance? Brilliance is the ability of a gem to give a shining appearance. Both the gems have different shiny appearance because of different faceting patterns. The sparking effect works on the same principle of the rainbow effect. It means that how light passes through the gems and gets reflected in colors. Moissanite emits more fire than a diamond because the light enters the stone and gets refracted into two colors. But a diamond doesn’t face this double refraction due to which its brilliance is less than Moissanite. Moissanite has a brilliance of 2.65 and on the other hand, the brilliance score of a diamond is 2.42.

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It can last longer and is stronger than a diamond-

There’s a reason why diamonds are considered as the best engagement ring. It is because of the durability of the stone. Engagement rings are something that your wife will cherish throughout the year and will also be passed on to the next generations. Therefore, a diamond is considered as the best gem. However, you’ll be surprised to know that Moissanite rings are highly durable and it can sustain throughout your life. A diamond scores 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness and Moissanite score 9.25 on this scale. As you can see, their line of difference is too thin to make a comparison between both of them. As you can see, both diamond and Moissanite are having similar kind of durability. But when you choose Moissanite, you can enjoy a similar brilliance but at a minimal cost.

Buyers can explore various designs

As far as a diamond is concerned, you don’t have many options to explore. This is because it is not available in different color combinations like Moissanite. One of the biggest problems is that buyers find it difficult to make the right choice. Various factors need to be considered before making the choice- carat, size, color, shape, and others. Moissanite is available in colorless, near colorless as well as different color variations. Besides this, Moissanite can be designed in various shapes just like a diamond. On top of that, the buyer can also choose the setting to perfectly match the stone and of course, your lover’s personality!

It is ethically grown-

Many couples like to choose ethically produced items. Moissanite is a man-made gem and it is grown ethically. A diamond, on the other hand is grown by the process of mining. Mining is a process in which machines and equipment are used for digging because a diamonds are found miles under the earth’s surface. But Moissanite is grown in labs and it does not require any mining and therefore, no pollution or destruction of habitat is caused. Besides this, laborers don’t have to work under hazardous conditions while producing Moissanite.

It looks similar to a diamond-

While there are some brides that prefer colorful stones, there are some that are still obsessed with the classic a diamonds. There are various cheaper alternatives of a diamond but most of them are prone to scratches and they wear out easily. But when you choose Moissanite as the alternative, you will never have to think about its quality and durability. They can withstand wear and tear from daily usage. Apart from this, both Moissanite and diamond look similar and if you aren’t a professional jeweler, you’ll never be able to make out the difference. Unlike other alternatives, Moissanite resembles a diamond and this is one of the reasons why Moissanite is a preferred alternative by many.