Three of the most unhealthy e-juice you should stay away from.

Hello friend, there is a new delicious tasting complex flavoured e-juice out there in town, let’s go and try it out and enjoy a new level of experience, I just got to know from a friend of mine, let’s go, yeah!…………….

While it might be tempting to always try out every new e-liquid released by your favourite e-juice company, you might as well try to take a break in your steps and give it a thought- am I taking something healthy? Have I ever bothered to check the product’s label to confirm if the product’s ingredients are healthy? Or can I even tell apart a healthy e-juice from an unhealthy one? These are questions you need to answer before jumping at every new E-liquid Mate release.

Recently,  research done has provided results which have shown that some flavour used in e-juice could be quite unhealthy( see the reason why you shouldn’t jump at every new e-juice just for the sake of bragging, you might as well be gambling away your life if you do this). But before I go on with my explanation, I will like to give a definition of the word, “flavour” so as to clear up any misunderstanding or misconception that might come up while you read the content of this article. Flavour is basically the use of chemicals or additives to create a substance that imitates the taste of food, probably fruits or spices. It might not be chemicals in all cases, there might be the usage of natural food components from the food itself but it is mostly chemicals. In the case of e-juice, the use of chemicals is not left out.

Now going straight to the point, this article will be centred around informing you on e-liquid flavours you should do well to stay away from if you still value your life.

Cinnamon flavours.

While cinnamon could be a very good spice for your food, cinnamon flavour in e-liquid could be very unhealthy for you. The additives and chemicals used in making cinnamon flavour have been discovered to destroy white blood cells. Do you know what the white blood cells are? They make up your body’s defence. So it’s breakdown will mean your body is open to all sort of infection. This will be an almost similar scenario to someone with AIDS! Don’t risk your health, stay away from the cinnamon flavour. So whenever you visit that e-liquid store always check the product’s label, if you find cinnamon flavour, I don’t need to tell you what to do.

Butter popcorn.

Oh what sweet delicious buttery taste, I love that! Just know that every time you are busy enjoying the pleasure from this vape juice you are slowly losing your hold on your own life. The butter popcorn flavour used in e-juice has been discovered to contain a dangerous additive called Diacetyl. It has been linked to being the cause of a disease called ” Irreversible lung disease or Bronchiolitis obliterans”. So make sure to always check the label of the e-juice you want to purchase to see if it contains this chemical.

Complex flavours.

This I would say is the most tempting of the whole lot- getting whole access to different flavours from one single e-juice is something that gets all smokers thrilled, but do you know they are more dangerous than a uni-flavoured e-juice? This is because you are faced with more bad chemicals to deal with.

The next time you are going to the vape store make sure to pick only the one you are sure of its content, don’t let new releases excite you. You might be placing your self at risk and if you feel compelled to try another one make sure to check the product’s label( though some company could not be quite untrue about their product’s content, stick to one you trust its product) to see if it contains any harmful chemical.