Simple Ways to Wear Pearls and Get Trendy Glamorous Look

Pearls are one of the most elegant gems that are known to provide a traditional and conservative appearance to a person. If you are dressing for a casual party, then there are few ways by which you can get that trendy look easily.

How to dress modern while wearing pearls?

To look stylish with pearl jewelry, you need to carefully match it to your occasion. You need to choose attire that matches it and give you a stylish look.

At the workplace

You can wear a single strand necklace of white pearl on your formal clothing. Such pearl necklace looks best on a slim fit jacket, crew neck blouse and a buttoned shirt. Go for a little understated necklace to prevent your outfit to look somewhat busy.

Formal events

If you are planning to attend any formal event, then it would be great if you wear a multi-strand long pearl necklace. As it will fill everyone with a wow factor. Precious fabric with solid color will definitely do wonders for you.

Daily wear

A 2 strand of pearl necklace will give you a glamorous look when paired with stylish sneakers, midi dress, jeans, or leather jacket.

What are the different types of pearl accessories that give you a stylish appeal?

Not just pearl necklaces, you will find so many different types of pearl accessories in sweater, heel, buttons etc. that will give you the desired stylish look for any event. Some of them are:

  • Pearl drop earrings
  • Pearl button down
  • Scattered pearl sweater
  • Pearl heel
  • A pearl statement attire in blue or black color
  • Mermaid pearl crown
  • Pendant pearl necklaces

If you are choosing to wear a combination of these accessories, you need to know the right way to pair them with your accessories. It is good idea to match a pearl bracelet to a pearl necklace. You can even match a pearl necklace to a pearl stud or pearl teardrop earring. Pearl also looks beautiful with other gemstones.


Pearls will not make you look outdated. All these remarkable ways will help you rock your stunning gems without sacrificing your modern edge.