Enchanting Bali Tropical Villas for Your Comfortable Living

Most of us would like to devote a day or two on a tropical island and de-stress. Being surrounded by nature would be a wonderful feeling. There is a connection between us and also the surroundings that make us feel at ease around it. It would be astonishing to be capable of dwelling at a location with this setting.

We will show you some magnificent Bali tropical villas that provide a modern dwelling.


  • Taman Sari Bali Villa Kerobokan


If you’re an art enthusiast, this villa is your location for you. Its zen and modern furnishings are adorned with hints of contemporary art. This is particularly so for its stone pool, which will be decked as you enjoy a soothing swim with stone sculptures that spew water.

Located in the lively Seminyak, you are in the heart of the latest happenings.

Don’t miss nearby local attractions in the area such as the Kasih Ibu Hospital, Randelli Gallery, and Kendra Gallery.

  1. Pandan Tree Villa

Pandan Tree Villa is a location where it is still possible to enjoy the beach and Bali sunset without withstanding the peddlers of touristy Kuta. The villa provides an open concept living room and a private pool because of the centerpiece. It is customary for its staff to decorate the mansion. If you’re worried about food, then you can easily find restaurants and cafes in Canggu.

But if you don’t feel like venturing out of your private cocoon, the villa features a dining room, and the team is delighted to arrange for your meals.

The rainfall bath is spacious enough for two, though there’s no tub.


  • Paradise Loft


By embracing a Mediterranean concept, this villa has been built on a mountain in the Jimbaran area, facing Tanjung Benoa. Yup, with views in this way accessible right in the living space, you’re probably going to be unwilling to move from the sofa. Recline in the afternoon with a cup of java, oh it would be amazing! Or like your breakfast in bright and early? Perfect! And the most incredible part is, it is also possible to enjoy incredible ocean views while soaking in the swimming pool or lounging by the pool in the gazebo. Were you tired of lounging? Cook up a storm is something you could need. Or, if you would rather not put fire to your own hallway, yummy seafood dishes are available in Jimbaran Beach, which is only a drive away. You’ll be happy for shopaholics that Bali Collection Shopping Centre is just 20 minutes away!


  • New Pondok Sara Villas


Get ready to feel love all over again with not only with your partner but this time — with a dreamy villa that goes by the name New Pondok Sara.

Whenever you come, there is no denying that tranquil and romantic setting. Step right into the quaint property where villas are currently awaiting private terraces, pools, and a tropical landscaped backyard.

Most favored by couples, that this villa offers an intimate staycation of your dreams with easy access to Seminyak too! Only 10 minutes apart from Central Seminyak and the shore, it’s a mixture of love and drama at its very best.


  • Seminyak, Danoya Villa


We all understand how it is when you’re in the throes of love. Could not bear to let your partner out from your sight for a second? Want to fill your days lounging in the light in their glorious face? Danoya Villa is Da One for you personally.

Inspired by a perfect mix of Mediterranean and Balinese style, this tropical villa comes with the refreshing open concept architecture. Spying on your companion is easier than ever. Better yet are within reach. Not only is that the villa, but your private pool is also easily accessible, situated next to seats that are sunbed and a lush backyard.

For honeymooners, the Imperial One Bedroom Villa is precisely what you need to start your romance that is an ideal escape. Who says you have to move outside to have fun? Settle back and relax from the roomy area and make the full use of semi-butler support and these facilities!

Whenever you travel in Bali, let the Balinese spirit in: chill out, breathe, and enjoy the ride. Explore Bali more and visit Wonderful Indonesia.