Do you need a divorce attorney or mediator?

Getting a divorce is an extremely emotional decision, and it can get more problematic depending on the situation around you. A lot of people often consider deciding the hardest part. However, it is not. The biggest problem is to determine whether you would need a mediator or an attorney.

What does a lawyer do?

The main role of the lawyer is to make their client win the case, basically to bring the case in favor of their client. The divorce lawyers are different from the traditional lawyers, and they need to meet the requirements. As a result, they can only represent one party.

What does a mediator do?

Unlike the lawyer, a mediator isn’t biased and does not represent a particular party. He is made to conduct mediation and is the neutral one. Often people seeking help for argument or dispute prefer visiting the mediator. The main aim of the mediator is to take active participation in each discussion to help them reach a proper conclusion.

If you are seeking a divorce, the mediator can help you identify and negotiate the acceptable terms. 

When do you need a divorce lawyer?

Some of the prominent reasons why you may choose a lawyer over a mediator include

  • You are a victim of domestic violence.
  • Your spouse isn’t willing to solve the problem. 
  • Your spouse is an addict or affected by a certain neurological condition. 

When do you need a mediator? 

Some of the prominent situations in which you may need a mediator include

  • You don’t want a divorce, but just a settlement of issues
  • You want things to be peaceful
  • You look forward to the best for your child. 

Who is the best for you?

Whom you choose entirely depends on your situation. If you are willing to get a peaceful divorce, you may consult Provo divorce attorney. Not only will you get to save money but time as well. Make sure to consult an experienced professional.