Car Basics: Here’s How To Check Your Car’s Transmission Fluid

Mercedes Benz owners know that the Benz transmission is one of the vehicle’s most valuable parts. What most owners don’t know however is the signs and symptoms of low transmission fluid levels are similar to a broken or defective transmission. Before opening up your Mercedes to replace the transmission, it might be in your best interest to check on the fluid level first.

Those who don’t know how to check the fluid levels in their Benz transmission are in luck. Here’s a step by step guide to help you determine whether your car troubles are caused by low fluid levels or something else.

Step 1: Get The Tools

In checking transmission fluid levels you only need one tool: a transmission dipstick. No Mercedes Benz come with this tool, but they can easily be found online or at your nearest car shop for less than $20. It is a tool worth investing in especially if it saves you from buying a new transmission.

Step 2: The Warm Up

The car must reach a temperature of 80 degrees C or 176 degrees F to get an accurate transmission fluid measurement. This means driving for about 15 minutes before measuring or letting the car sit for at least 25 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

Step 3: Under The Hood

Open up the hood and find the air duct that is connected to the engine’s cover and pull at them. This will reveal the engine cover that is held in place using 4 four clips, no bolts or screws to worry about. Grab the cover on both sides while lifting it straight up.

Step 4: Find The Transmission Filling Tube

This part is located right between the engine and the firewall, it is somewhat hidden and will require you to look carefully to avoid mistaking it from the oil tube.

Step 5: Removing The Filling Tube Cap

Unlock the transmission red pin before pulling out the black cap. If the red pin is missing, this will indicate that someone else might have checked the fluid levels in the past.

Step 6: Put In Reverse Or Drive

Move the shift gear to either reverse or in drive while also making sure that the emergency brakes are engaged. As an added precaution, work with a partner who can stay inside the car while you are under the hood and also put a block on the car’s wheel to prevent it from moving.

Step 7: Measuring Fluid Levels

Place the transmission dipstick inside the filling tube and read the fluid levels. If the fluid level is low, add a good amount of fluid using the same filling tube, measure again to see the level is high enough and your Benz will be ready to go!

If your Mercedes Benz starts working correctly again after the addition of transmission fluid, you are in the clear. However, if the same car problems persist, you may need to replace the current transmission with a new one as soon as possible.

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