Can a Puppy be your BEST FRIEND?

If you are not adopting a pet thinking he is never going to understand your language, you must know that a lot of people around the globe adopt pets only because they turn out to be their best friends. In fact, people cry too much when their pets die. It is like attending the funeral of a loved family member.

If you ask us whether a puppy can be your best friend or not, we would always say yes. In fact, the way a puppy understands you, no one else ever would.

Why puppies are so close to humans?

We all have a fatherly or motherly instinct in us; it is just that we don’t show it to the world randomly. This is why people adopt puppies bull terrier and other such puppies so that they can shower the love that they have in their heart as a parent. Yes – to a lot of people around the globe, having a puppy is like having a baby for real at home. It allows them to feel like a baby is roaming in the house because just like babies can’t talk, the puppies can’t talk either.

Puppies are beautiful tiny things because they are babies. No matter how you wish to train them, just like you train the human babies, you can do so. They mingle with you quickly because you are like the parent they have always wanted. You feel them, get to give them a bath and take care of them. Thus, they provide you with all love and warmth that you ever desire in your heart.

No matter how stressed you are, a five-minute play time with your little buddy can help you conquer the stress of the entire day. You feel great.