5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in New Jersey

As you start planning your trip in a motorhome rental throughout the northeast, have you considered making a pit-stop in New Jersey? If so, you’ll discover that this is a place which is full of great things to do and lovely places to see.

You don’t have to spend a long time in New Jersey on your motorhome rental road trip but you do want to make the most out of your visit. In order to do so, you should be aware of things that you should do and more importantly, things you shouldn’t do in New Jersey.

No one wants to waste time, right? So, to help you have a satisfactory and enjoyable visit, here are 5 top things that you shouldn’t do when visiting New Jersey:

  1. Don’t make fun of the way that New Jersey-ians say New Joisey. Just don’t do it. A favorite pastime of people visiting New Jersey seems to be making fun of how people from New Jersey talk. While it may seem cute and funny to you to make fun of the accent, do you think it’s funny to New Jersey locals? Nah. Why would it be? It’s not that people from New Jersey will be necessarily offended by a little laugh at their expense but you won’t see them laughing, that’s for sure.
  2. Don’t pump your own gas in New Jersey. Throughout the country, you pull up to the gas station when you need to fuel up and you put your gas in your car without a problem, right? Not in New Jersey. In New Jersey it is illegal to pump your own gas. While this law does go all the way back to 1949, well, it’s still in effect. Some people actually love not having to pump their own gas because they can sit back and relax while it’s being done for them. It’s kind of nice to just stay put.
  3. Don’t be put off by how people from New Jersey like to drive. People from New Jersey are fun and great so they have to have something that is a little off-putting, right? It could be that you just can’t get used to their way of driving. With the way that they drive in New Jersey, you would think that the speed limit was merely a suggestion. Who knows why they are always in a hurry to get somewhere but if you were to judge by how locals drive, it would seem that they are.
  4. Don’t try to convince New Jersey residents to enjoy pizza or bagels from anywhere other than New Jersey. There are many things that you could suggest to a local in New Jersey but suggesting that they may enjoy eating bagels or pizza from out of state is not a good idea. After all, have you tried the local pizzas and bagels in New Jersey? If you haven’t yet, you should definitely do so during your visit. They are delectable. No wonder New Jersey residents are snobs about trying this type of food from out of state.
  5. Don’t expect parking to be easy in Jersey City. While not the case everywhere in New Jersey, when it comes to Jersey City, parking can be a very challenging experience. From the high prices in many parking garages to the challenge of actually finding a free spot to the strict enforcement of parking tickets, there are many ways that parking can be a headache in Jersey City. What do you do? If you’re traveling in an RV, leave it parked at your campsite-as you can just imagine how hard it will be to find parking for it-and then just uber or take a cab to the places that you need to go. If you’re staying in the city, why not try to walk if the places you want to go are in walking distance?

In Conclusion

As you consider your visit to New Jersey, you’ll discover that New Jersey has a lot to offer. From Hoboken to Jersey City, it’s a state with beautiful nature, great food, and a lot of unique experiences to enjoy.

Whether you think the New Jersey accent is funny or you consider the fact that you’re not allowed to pump your own gas to be strange, you won’t be able to deny the fact that New Jersey is one of the nation’s most unique states and one that you’ll want to spend a good amount of time in.

As long as you “follow the rules,” you can be sure to have a great experience. Whether you travel around the state in a motorhome rental, stopping at the best destinations or you visit one city in particular, be sure to enjoy what you should do and avoid what you shouldn’t.